Ah to talk about the Kapas Island…

To be a human, as much as testing it is, we cannot deny that it is a wonderful thing. The way we’re connected to nature, the way we function – and each day, we discover one new marvel. It’s about the big things and little things, and in the end, they are all things that kept us alive, without comparison, beyond comparison.

To be human to be touched – through any of the senses and the feelings we imbibe in. And there are places you can retreat to, just for sufficing your senses, and capture what’s more important, and what makes us human and functional – memories. And as one such places, we present to you, Pulau Kapas, or as we generally know, Kapas Island of Malaysia.


The Island

Kapas Island of Malaysia is located near the city of Kuala Teregganu, in the Eastern part of the peninsula. The name of the island translates as “Cotton”, and thus is called “Cotton Island”, because of the colour of the beaches in there.

Kapas is little compared to its neighbouring islands of Pulau Perhentian (Perhentian Island) and Pulau Redang (Redang Island), but is still quite wholesome. Kapas is thus less populated than its peers, making it the right place for you to take in silence, something so much needed these days, a silence that is not haunting. And this silence gives you a different passage of time, and sticks on with you. Kapas Island is accurately called “Hidden Paradise” for this reason.


What you can do in Kapas Island

Does it mean it’s a boring island? Absolutely not, especially if you’re looking to inhale some space away from the world. It’s a quiet place, but that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of all action for you. So what are more things you can do here to stretch out your stress?


It’s an island, and thus the major highlights you can do here definitely include diving and snorkeling! You can swim around with schools of fishes and also turtles. A note to remember is that, Kapas Island is a part of the marine national park, so yes, you’re in for a good underwater sight-seeing. Beginner or already practicing, there’s help for you to go snorkeling and diving. Also, there’s a World War II ship wreckage site 30 minutes from the island, how cool is that!

You can also go kayaking in the island, and that helps you get around the island and explore places less explored, and to hop to nearby islands.


Kapas Island is known for having some of the best beaches, hands down. There are a total of 5 to 6 beaches in the island. They’re all connected by bridges, so you could just take a walk around.

Other options for you are to explore the shoreline beauty, of the rock formations beautifully carved by nature around the island.

You can do a light hiking in the jungles of the island…

Phew, you should read this to know more details!


It is thus an ethereal island you should visit, beyond doubt.

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